Our design steps ensure we deliver on time, on budget and exceed expectations again and again.  At the core of our methodology is using our experience to create something unique. We’re not interested in churning out cookie cutter projects that make you look like every competitor you have. We work hard to create a unique experience for your audience. 

Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Getting To Know You

At the start of the project we spend time understanding your business and learning about your customers, objectives and overall goals.

We ask questions about your overall business, your unique audience, style and design preferences, and your success metrics. We also review your existing site and or/app and learn about any existing issues you'd like to overcome.
Based on this, we put together a plan, timeline and budget to help you get to where you'd like to be as soon as possible at an affordable rate.





Next, we dig into some potential designs and usually create one or two so you can choose the direction that feels right to you. From there, we fully develop down the path that you love while keeping you in the loop as we go. This minimizes your time involved, but maximizes your ability to get what you want from a design.

Drawing on our experience with design, we create some layouts for review and approval. Because design is so subjective, we rely on your constructive feedback to bring you the best results.





After the project scope, wireframes, sitemap and visual designs are approved by you, we dig in to fully develop your site or mobile app.

We love working to bring everything together by combining the interface, content and graphics with the underlying platforms.

Then, we setup a preview for you to view your final project. 




Testing & Content

Once ready, you can easily review your site and test the navigation and various functions. Additionally, we fine-tune any content including migrating what's needed from your old website. 

We run through a final Q&A check and make any final adjustments, keeping in mind that site and mobile apps are dynamic and can easily be updated anytime after launch. 





When you approve your final project, we then set up a day and time for you to launch to the public, usually during a slow traffic time of day as it can sometimes take 1-4 hours for your new site to disperse throughout the web around the globe. 

We do a double check to ensure everything is working properly including any analytics or tracking functions to make sure that you have everything you need to keep your business humming. 

Then, we do one final check after a few days to make triple sure that things are operating smoothly for you. 




After you're launched and live, we setup a monthly schedule to get in touch every week or two for fresh content, new photos, upcoming specials you'd like to run, etc. 

We take care of managing everything for you, all included in one low monthly service fee including hosting. This means you're always up to date and you don't need a full-time person in house. Our team is yours.